Jacks or Better Video Poker.

This is a vegas style video poker machine JavaScript RIA I made for fun. It's a complete rewrite of my 3-year-old version with some new features:
  • Modularity: Game engine loads / controls multiple games
    (Six available now, more to come soon...)
  • Download Size Reduced: Game logos are the ONLY images,
    No file over 25kb, cards are CSS3.
  • Improved Logic: Games will now automatically hold best cards to draw on
    (...down to a small pair)
  • Improved Display: Games sized for hand-held devices, yay iPhone poker!

  Click the image below to play in a new window.
A video poker machine.

A virtual Jeff Allen

Name: Jeff Allen

Occupation: Software Engineer

Experience: 10+ years

My life-long love affair with ones, zeros, and programming in general began in the local video arcade. I soon transitioned to learning BASIC at age 13 on a Apple II+. It wasn't long before I was creating my own video games and mastering the arcane incantations of 6502 assembly instructions.

Recently I acquired 10 years experience engineering both front-end and back-end web software using a multitude of web technologies.

My passion is developing rich internet applications in multiple languages and locales using client-side JavaScript libraries and technologies like Ajax, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, I18N, L10N and others.

Some of my strong suits: MooTools, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, XML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, SQL, and Internationalization & Localization.

Currently I live with my lovely wife Jill and 4 cats of questionable heredity in western Ohio.

Feel free to explore this website, and browse a selection of my work here in my portfolio.